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Just a little observation...My right eyelid has been twitching off and on for the last 3 days. It's kind of freakin' me out...
Over at BostonWorks, they launched some new ways to browse jobs in the Boston area. I worked on the engine to allow them to do this...Pretty cool. Browse by Region , Browse by Town , Browse by Commute .
We HAVE to go do this at some point...Gotta make sure Denis is there though...It's on Monday nights... Bonjour, dude With all the anti-French sentiment brewing, we feel it's our duty to remind those Francophobes of one crucial fact: It was Groundskeeper Willie, not Bart Simpson, who uttered the epithet "cheese-eating surrender monkeys." Get it right, folks, and come hear other gems at the "Worst Evening Ever" Simpsons Trivia Night at the Common Ground in Allston. We won't claim an encyclopedic knowledge of all 300 episodes, but somewhere out there is an ubergeek who can. The battle begins at 10 p.m. 85 Harvard Ave., Allston, 617-783-2071.
This is awesome!!! I love beef. Girls 8 to 12 years old SHOULD eat more beef, damnit! ;) "Cool to be real!" -- it's the chirpy slogan, and name, of a new Web site for preteen girls that's chock-full of self-esteem-boosting messages and helpful tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. What could be wrong with that? Well, maybe the fact that the site is actually a thinly cloaked advertorial for the joys of eating beef, brought to budding carnivores everywhere by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. This is an I-got-a-cow-to-sell-ya sales job that insults the intelligence of the average 12-year-old.
So, my friend Ben's B-day was this past weekend. We went and ate at Cafe Portugal where I had a paella-like dish, and then went to B-Side for some cocktails, where we had a very good time. Ben and Steph took photos of the event. As it turns out, Denis and I look pretty gay in the photos... You can see for yourself.... The ensuing dialogue... -----Original Message----- From: Stephanie Federico Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 4:51 PM To: Richard Cook; Denis Subject: yello? do you hate us because of the gay captions? it's funny! Denis.OConnell wrote: The photographic evidence stands. The captions only report what the camera sees. We do look pretty darn gay in them, especially me. Richard Cook wrote: I don't care. I'm secure in my sexuality, thank you very much. ;) Denis does look pretty gay though. Rich My friend Kelly also had a birthday this past weekend. She went with friends to the Viceroy hotel in Santa M
Argentinian Updates Dear Rich and Jen, LOS ESTAMOS PENSANDO EN ESTE DIA DE LA AMISTAD Y DEL AMOR. HOY FUIMOS A COMER ASAADO A UNA HACIENDA ARGENTINA. LO PASAMOS SENSACIONAL. CONOCIMOS A OTROS COLOMBIANOS QUERIDISIMOS Y LO PASAMOS DIVINAMENTE. + jENNIFER ESCRIBANOS CONTANDONOS DE SU NUEVO TRABAJO. Saludos a Jim. Love, Mom and Dad Rich and Jen, We went to a beautiful water trip to the delta of Rio la Plata to a place called Tigres. This is a group of islands where people vacation. We love the trip along the river, saw many houses accupied by the natives and people from the cities, mercados flotantes, etc. We also attended an arts and crafts festival and walk a lot. The night before we went to a second show of tangos. It was espectacular. I never saw something like this before. People here are very nice, contrary to what we hear about argentinians. They are not arrogant or prepotentes as we say in spanish. They are regular people and are very prepared for t
A little update from my parents. Right now they are visting Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sounds like they are having fun. It was interesting though. I read an article yesterday about anti-American sentiment in Argentina and how it's rising. Because their economy is in shambles, things are looking pretty bad over there. Well, my parents are doing their part to help out Argentinian economy... Estamos en B. Aires Dear Rich and Jen, Por fin llegamos. It is a long trip but really smooth. We already have a itenerary for every day of the week. We were help by Gustavo, a guide of the travel agency. Now we have to rest to be ready for tonight. Besos y abrazos, Dad and Mom Saludos desde B-Aires Dear Rich and Jen: Today we went to a tour around de whole city of B.A. It was reallly intersting. We took pictures and got a few things..We ate empanaadas argentinas for dinner and went to the movies to se analize that. We like it. Tomorrow we are going to a Fiesta
A Blast from the past..... Josh Wachs had this link up.... DRUNK MAGEE!!!!! YAY!!!!!
Still here. Was a little sick last week. Recovering nicely thank you. My friend Kelly was in town this weekend. Showed her the sites....Saw the Cranktones at the Abbey Lounge and then went to B-Side for drinks on Friday. Sat. we went downtown, Charles Street, Boston Common and Gardens (looked really cool with all the snow on the ground), Newbury Street. Then went to the North End for a b-day dinner. Happy B-day Maya...Sunday we went to chinatown and ate at Penang's for lunch. Very nice...Then saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (for the record, not my choice). It wasn't very good. Though that Matthew McConaughey sure is dreamy...