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Following the electoral college

I'm obsessed with I check it out everyday. Very exciting, but depressing to see all the Bush states. One theory mentioned on the site is that all the pollsters are not polling cell phones, which a lot of younger people only have, who are usually democrats, so the polls may be under reporting democrat votes...hope they are right. Vote Kerry. Get Bush out.

Still Unreported: The Pay-off in Bush Air Guard Fix

Still Unreported: The Pay-off in Bush Air Guard Fix Saturday, August 28, 2004 by Greg PalastIn 1968, former Congressman George Herbert Walker Bush of Texas, fresh from voting to send other men’s sons to Vietnam, enlisted his own son in a very special affirmative action program, the ‘champagne’ unit of the Texas Air National Guard. There, Top Gun fighter pilot George Dubya was assigned the dangerous job of protecting Houston from Vietcong air attack.This week, former Lt. Governor Ben Barnes of Texas 'fessed up to pulling the strings to keep Little George out of the jungle. "I got a young man named George W. Bush into the Texas Air Guard - and I'm ashamed."THE PAY-OFF That’s far from the end of the story. In 1994, George W. Bush was elected governor of Texas by a whisker. By that time, Barnes had left office to become a big time corporate lobbyist. To an influence peddler like Barnes, having damning information on a sitting governor is worth its weight in gold – o