A little update from my parents. Right now they are visting Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sounds like they are having fun. It was interesting though. I read an article yesterday about anti-American sentiment in Argentina and how it's rising. Because their economy is in shambles, things are looking pretty bad over there. Well, my parents are doing their part to help out Argentinian economy...

Estamos en B. Aires

Dear Rich and Jen,

Por fin llegamos. It is a long trip but really smooth. We already have a itenerary for every day of the week. We were help by Gustavo, a guide of the travel agency. Now we have to rest to be ready for tonight.

Besos y abrazos, Dad and Mom

Saludos desde B-Aires

Dear Rich and Jen:

Today we went to a tour around de whole city of B.A. It was reallly intersting. We took pictures and got a few things..We ate empanaadas argentinas for dinner and went to the movies to se analize that. We like it. Tomorrow we are going to a Fiesta Gaucha, we will see horses and will eat ternera a la llanaera o a la parrilla. Also at night we will go to the Tango Show.. People so far have been really friendly and nice, girls are very pretty and boys are very handsome.. Dad looks at the girls and I, of course look at the boys. We are sorrounded by cafeterias and restaurants, bookstores and music stores of all kinds. Vaery near is calle Florida which is very active until one in the morning.

Besos y abrazos from om and Dad


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