So I stayed in last night. I've been determined to play this video game I bought a few months ago, Grand Theft Auto III. I saw a really funny commercial for it a few nights ago, and was kind of bummed, because I paid 45 bucks for it, and have hardly played it. So I devoted a few hours to climbing the underworld corporate ladder by taking on a few assignments from Leon and Joey. The last one I did was where I had to kill "Chunky" Lee Chong, a vendor in Chinatown. I spent an hour doing this one over and over till I got it right. Nothing like running over people, crashing cars and executing people, to end the day...At some point, my heart was racing after I sucessfully shot some gang dudes, outran the police and finally beat the shit out of "Chunky". I was so pissed because I previously had finished the mission, but got caught by the police because I turned on to a deadend street. I weep for the future....

I also watched Survivor. Finally that bitch Zoe is off. I always hated her smirk. Now for Tammy to go...I don't know who I want to win. I think Sean, the teacher from NYC probably needs it more than Paschal the Judge. Neulah, I'm not sure....she's Mormon. I think she has to give half of it to the church of Latter Day Saints...Speaking of Mormons. I saw two "brothers" on their mission, strolling around Somerville yesterday...It must be Spring...


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