Funny conversation with my friend Raju....Bhavik is this golf prodigy kid. We played with him and his father last time I was in Bako. I'm no expert, but he was pretty damn good...

Rajujassar (7:07:02 PM): Rich?
AWhig (7:07:09 PM): yo man
Rajujassar (7:07:34 PM): I'm on your cost, bro
Rajujassar (7:07:36 PM): coast
Rajujassar (7:07:48 PM): I'm in Virginia until Sunday night
Rajujassar (7:08:16 PM): Bhavik is in the US Kids World Championship and I am his caddy
AWhig (7:09:06 PM): holy shit
AWhig (7:09:17 PM): that's cool
AWhig (7:09:25 PM): are you getting your fill of grits?
Rajujassar (7:11:33 PM): Not yet, my friend
Rajujassar (7:11:55 PM): I'm inside Kinkos in Colonial Williamsburg
AWhig (7:12:01 PM): been there :-)
AWhig (7:12:12 PM): go check out Busch Gardens
AWhig (7:12:17 PM): or King's dominion :-)
Rajujassar (7:13:03 PM): The next two days I have to carry clubs for an 11 year old in humid ass heat
AWhig (7:13:22 PM): i wasn't going to say anything :-)
Rajujassar (7:13:50 PM): I could really use a vagina about now
AWhig (7:14:08 PM): it's there for the taking my friend, there for the taking
Rajujassar (7:14:32 PM): By the way, Bhavik apparently does party
AWhig (7:14:43 PM): have a good time. are there groupies for the caddies?
AWhig (7:14:47 PM): how so?
Rajujassar (7:15:17 PM): (Raju was making oral sex demo while making last comment)
AWhig (7:15:28 PM): got it


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