Raju by the way is going for an arrainged marriage....

Rajujassar (7:39:40 PM): Dan leaves this crew in January, he gets bought out. My crap happend in March and I ask to leave now, they want me to pay
AWhig (7:40:22 PM): always pushin' the indian man down
AWhig (7:40:29 PM): how's your search for the desi girl?
Rajujassar (7:41:36 PM): I have and I like this particular candidate, but I think either her family or she doesn't want me
AWhig (7:41:53 PM): you can't tell ? :-)
Rajujassar (7:43:33 PM): I haven't even seen her up close, but her father sees me at church and he seems to avoid me
Rajujassar (7:44:17 PM): Once he mentioned in another conversation we had that his daughter is out of control and has a big mouth (in our culture that means she's too Americanized)
AWhig (7:45:30 PM): ah


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