So, I recently have been rediscovering the charm of this bar down the street from my work, Bukowski's. The reason why I like this place is the music. It's my kind. Sparklehorse, wilco, and stuff I've never even heard of...I sometimes ask the bartender who is on the jukebox so I can pick up the album at Newbury Comics the next day.

I decided to look up another bar I liked, El Bobo in San Francisco in SOMA. Did a quick search on the web and found a review. Here's an excerpt...

Then, there's the jukebox. One word: Morphine. How much ass does that kick? A lot. Huge amounts. And the jukebox goes to random play when the money runs out. So you never have to drink in silence just because you're too cheap to sink a buck in the slot--or too drunk to get off your stool.

So, now I'm thinking, I'm drawn to these places by the music. I'm a huge Morphine fan, so it's all making sense to me.

You can read the review here [More]

I also just found this...related to El Bobo...It's a guy who likes to take self-portraits in the bathrooms of bars and restaurants.


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